Out Now For FREE .99 “Send Off”

When Kris Cayden was playing at one of our parties earlier this year,  we bonded instantly.  Soon after the show, we decided to hit the studio, and “Send Off” was born.

Starting out with a chill trap intro featuring vocals from  Dom Brown, it’s impossible to be prepared for what “Send Off” has to offer. Melting into an eerie build up, you know something crazy is about to go down. What ensues is hard to do justice in words, but I’ll give it a shot. “Send Off” has one of the heaviest drops we have made to date. Kris Cayden’s signature production shines through and will make you want to headbang from your wherever you are.

As the song reaches it’s second build up, you may think you are ready, but you most certainly are not.  A hard-hitting double time drop smacks you from out of nowhere.  Even as it goes back to a normal beat, the drop still holds your attention up until the very end.


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